Is 7th January really Divorce Day?


While most of us go back to work, start diets and make resolutions we can’t keep, many couples will also be calling time on their marriages in January.

The first Monday back at work after the holiday period has been named “Divorce Day” – the day of the year where people make the most enquires about divorce.

Craig J Baldwin, Head of Family Law at Farnworth Rose Solicitors in Nelson said: “Enquiries during January can be double the amount we would usually expect, though not all of these will be new clients. Often people we have seen earlier in the year have waited, for one reason or another, until the New Year before they decide to proceed.

“Some clients have made appointments in advance, but for many Christmas is seen as a ‘make or break’ time, which sadly doesn’t always live up to their expectations and they have more time to analyse their current lifestyle.”

Financial strain and money worries are frequently factors in the breakdown of a marriage and Government changes over the last few years have increased the cost of divorce, whilst reducing access to legal aid for most divorcing couples.

Craig continued: “As a firm, we have adapted to help our clients and now offer a number of fixed fee services including divorce. This gives clients some certainty over costs and the ability to budget more accurately.

“Whilst there are no signs that the divorce petition fee will be reduced, assistance is still available for those who qualify under the fee remissions scheme, known as Help with Fees.”

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