BREAKING NEWS: Prisoners break out!


We are aware of reports which suggest 5 prison inmates have recently broken free…

The incident, which took place on Friday 29th September, began at 1700 hours when 5 Farnworth Rose team members were jailed in our Nelson office.

The inmates had one mission which was to raise a total of £300 for the Pendleside Hospice, and they were unable to leave the premises until this goal was completed!

With their freedom depending on it, the convicts began hitting the phones, searching the internet and in some cases even shouting people from the office window in an attempt to receive as many donations as possible.

However these efforts were soon rewarded, as the £300 target was smashed by 1800 hours.

Subsequenlty, it was decided that the inmate’s sentence should be extended as a new £500 aim was set.

After two additional hours of frantic calling and messaging, all 5 prisoners were granted freedom by 2000 hours as the £500 target was surpassed!

The Farnworth Rose team continued to celebrate their release the following weekend, however that didn’t stop the donations rolling in from those kind enough to try and help our cause.

And thanks to these kind donations from friends and family of the inmates, along with multiple local businesses, we are thrilled to reveal that £750 was raised for the Pendleside Hospice as a result of the event!

This £750 raised from the Farnworth Rose prison break now puts our grand total raised at £3,742.88, pushing us ever closer to the £5,000 target.

Our director’s comments

“I can indeed confirm that five Farnworth Rose inmates were released from the offices on Friday evening.

“Joking aside, it was a phenomenal effort from all those involved in the prison break fundraiser to help raise £750 for the Pendleside Hospice.

“I must also say a huge thanks to all those who were kind enough to donate to our cause. To have nearly 100 supporters in such a short space of time is fantastic and we couldn’t be more grateful!”

Richard Farnworth
Director at Farnworth Rose

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Although we have added another £862 to our fundraising total, there is still a lot more to be raised in the coming months!

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